1.3 Why is Financial Planning So Important in Fall 2023?

This video introduces the course material in light of rampant inflation, economic uncertainty, and a near record low personal savings rate in America that suggests things are about to get a lot harder.

Choices and tradeoffs will return in a big way. Asset prices could fall hard. And interest rates could continue to go up, making big life goals like becoming a homeowner or business owner more expensive.

Remember that good long term financial planning strategies don't change, they just get adapted to current conditions in the world.

And with your degree, you will able to weather the storm that's coming far better than most.

2023 can even be the year where your financial plan allowed you to live your dream life immediately.

Even if you're behind where you want to be, you can start living your dream life no later than 2024.

You simply need to know the tools available to you and how to use them to accomplish what you want.

Remember that time is your most valuable asset.

Yet so many people stumble through life financially with no higher goal than retiring at 65.

There's nothing wrong with that, but I want you to achieve your dream, not what the average person experiences because they didn't know there was something better.

That's why you need a long term financial plan customized for you. Your education gives you the superpower of access to better professional help, more investing vehicles, more tax strategies, better financing choices, higher quality insurance coverage, and an easier path to financial freedom.

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