1.3 Investing After the Pandemic in 2023

This video introduces the course material in light of the more than 30% drop experienced in the stock market in March 2020, recovery to pre-pandemic levels, and huge market surge through the winter 2022 only to see markets fall nearly 20% going into early 2023.

Remember that good long term investing strategies don't change, they just get adapted to current conditions in the world.

There's a lot to adapt to right now with high inflation, rampant speculation, and increased risk due to high stock market valuations.

There are also huge investing opportunities right now for professionals like you.

Remember that today's stock market levels could be much lower in 5 years, but in 30 years they will look extremely cheap.

That's why you need a long term investing plan. Your education gives you the superpower of consistent investing capital. With your degree, you have more income stability, which allows you to take more risk resulting in higher long term returns if you know what to do.

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